Visit Zealandia, the newly discovered continent in the Pacific Ocean (3 minutes reading)

What do you say about spending a few days in Zealandia, the newly discovered continent in the Pacific Ocean 😀

In the last days, the worldwide news were monopolized by the scientific discovery of a new continent – the 8th on the Earth!!!

So, firstly, let’s find out more information about this new mysterious continent… 🙂

Zealandia measured five million square kilometers, about two thirds of Australia’s surface. 94% of the territory is under water, with only a few islands that lie on the surface. Among the largest ones are the North Island and South Island of New Zealand and New Caledonia. The total human population of Zealandia is about 5 million people (4,73 million people in New Zealand, 260.000 people in New Caledonia, 2.300 people in Norfolk Island).

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We thought that a city break in Auckland, New Zealand would be the perfect starting point to visit Zealandia and we’ve selected the period 9 – 12 March (4 days in early autumn in the southern hemisphere, with calm and warm weather) to explore the area.

See below the flight’s schedules and prices from 10 major international airports to Auckland airports and return, using the specialized website

flights Bucharest – Auckland:


flights Paris – Auckland:


flights London – Auckland:


flights Munich – Auckland:


flights New York – Auckland:


flights Tokyo – Auckland:


flights Beijing – Auckland:


flights Moscow – Auckland:


flights Montreal – Auckland:


flights New Delhi – Auckland:


Furthermore, we have selected, using the specialized website, the best accommodation offers in double rooms, with breakfast included:

  • Option 1: Total 3 nights – EUR 128 / person

Unique Home-glenfield B&B *** (Unique Home-glenfield) is only a 10-minute drive from Takapuna and just a 15-minute drive to Auckland city centre.

For more details, visit their website: Unique Home-glenfield


  • Option 2: Total 3 nights – EUR 225 / person

Comfort Inn&Suites Kudos **** (Comfort Inn & Suites Kudos) is just a short drive from Auckland Airport.

For more details, visit their website: Comfort Inn & Suites Kudos



Please note that this is a vacation on your own and you must book for the flights and accommodation.

The prices mentioned in the offers presented above are valid and verified at the moment of publication the offers, but it may change independently of our aware.

We recommend you to book the flights and the accommodation as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the best prices. 😀

Share with us your impressions about spending the holiday in Auckland!!! 😀


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      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed the background font. 🙂


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