Tarom Easter offer for flights to “Holy land”, Israel (2 min reading)

Tarom has just launched an Easter offer for flights between Bucharest and Tel Aviv:

  • 96 EUR one way / 179 EUR round trip for travels from Bucharest to Tel Aviv;
  • 105 USD one way for travels from Tel Aviv to Bucharest.

Offer conditions:

  • Bucharest – Tel Aviv – only on flight RO2155 from April 8, 2017 or RO2151 from April 9, 2017;
  • Tel Aviv – Bucharest – only on flight RO2152 from April 17, 2017 and RO2152 or RO2154 from April 19, 2017.

Moreover, Tarom proposed another offer that consists of a discount of 15% applied on the fares of flights between Bucharest and Tel Aviv. The discount applies for trips made within the following periods: 1st – 30th June and 1st November- 15th December (the starting date of the trip).

Tickets are available for sale on www.tarom.ro, on the mobile version m.tarom.ro, as well as through our agencies and TAROM partner agencies.


Tel Aviv is, after Jerusalem, the largest city in Israel. It is placed 8 km away from Jerusalem, on the Mediterranean coast, in a region with sandbanks, where the sun shines 300 days per year. Tel Aviv is the most modern city in Israel, highly impacted by the comtemporary European civilization. It is a city with an alert life pace and with numerous entertaining places. This is where the headquarters of Israeli banks and newspapers are situated, as well as half of the large companies and the jobs of a quarter of the active population of Israel.

Stay in touch with our posts! Do not lose the next tips! 😉


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