Meteorological information November 27, 16:00 – November 29, 23:00

The National Meteorological Administration (NMA) of Romania has sent today a meteorological information* according to which, between November 27th, 16:00 – November 29th, 23:00, the weather will “begin to look a lot like” winter in all regions of the country, as follows:
• Starting Sunday evening (November 27th), a mass of moist air will penetrate the West and North-West, bringing rain, and later (on Monday) transforming into sleet and snow in West, Central, North and North-East, regions where temperatures will mark a sharp decline.
• During the night of Monday to Tuesday (November 28th/29th) and during the day of Tuesday, considering the decrease in temperature, precipitation will fall as snow in the South, where in some areas will be deposited a layer of snow (1-5 cm).
• During this interval, in all country regions, the wind will be intensifying with speeds that can exceed 60 km / h in some areas.

PS: Will return with updates as they become available for the mini-vacation of 30th-1st of December period.


*This map format will be used to illustrate the type of meteorogical alert (grey is meteorological information only)


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