Short hike to Tamina Waterfall – Timisu de Sus, Brasov, Romania (3 minutes reading)


Located in the mountains of Piatra Mare at an altitude of 1100m, waterfall Tamina is a sequence of five waterfalls. The tallest one has 10m and was formed by the deepening of more than 50m through the old drainage lines installed on vertical cracks in limestone table, possibly by the collapse of a cave.

The process of deepening and modeling landforms is continuing and changes from year to year. Tamina waterfall area is particularly valuable in terms of biodiversity, as here we meet many species and protected habitats both at national and European level.

Tamina waterfall rocks are one of the last refuges of Carpathian fauna, especially birds and large mammals. Due to the large number of brown bears downstream of the waterfall, the place is also called “Bears areal”.

As access point for Cascada Tamina stands entry DN1 / E60 forest road marked with blue line. The starting point for our trail is Timisu de Sus, Brasov and GPS coordinates for our destination are: Latitude 45° 32′ 1.32″, Longitude 25° 36′ 38.16″


We cross the Timis River bridge and somewhere on the right side we see the 1st sign,which is marking an initial trail up to the waterfall Tamina :


The 1st blue line trail mark is quite hidden.

capture 3.jpg

If you follow this path you will go through the forest and shorten the trail a bit.

We choose to go straight and keep going on the forest road .

Several times, the trail marked with blue tape going through the forests intersects with our path, the forest road, so is less possible to get lost.

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After hiking uphill approx. 45 minutes, we leave the road to go ahead

capture 8.jpg

and we turn right and after few meters we find a panel indicator. We read the instructions on the panel and find that we are close to the Tamina Falls

capture 9.jpg

We notice a visible trail on the left of this panel, which leads through the back.

Capture 100.PNG

This trail takes us somewhere above the canyon of the waterfalls, so we must be careful if we will reach the top of a cliff. Here the view is absolutely spectacular, worth a short escalate.

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To go through the canyon we should return to the panel indicator and follow the path indicated by the black arrow below.

Capture 101.PNG

We walk down a bit and we see a very small stream which is preparing to enter the canyon.

capture 14.jpg

We dive among the rocks.

capture 15.jpg

The walls are quite close.

capture 16.jpg

If you look back the canyon looks like this

capture 17.jpg

and in front it gets very narrow.

capture 18.jpg

We descend along a small waterfall and read on a plate about those who contributed to this areal.

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The landscape becomes more interesting before climbing down on the first ladder;

capture 21.jpg

Water soars down with power, making huge noise. On the sides of the walls we observed recesses probably formed by the water.

capture 22.jpg

We begin the descent and have a look at this amazing waterfall.

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The walls are very close; we get to the next ladder, which is cut loose on a side of the wall where it was supposed to be fixed, but still stable as space between walls is very narrow.

capture 25.jpg

Looking up from the bottom looks a bit scary to go back so we move ahead :).

capture 26.jpg


Looking up the walls are illuminated by the reflection of sunlight and have a specific charm.

capture 27.jpg

In a few meters we reach the exit of the canyon.

capture 28.jpg

In our right, as we go, we get striked by beautiful high walls, with rocks hanging over our heads & limestone shapes.

capture 29.jpg

Then we climb a bit more and stop to admire an overhanging huge rock.

capture 30.jpg

The trail climbs up through the forest and as we get closer we see the rocky wall filled with pitons, a sign that here are climbing routes.

capture 31.jpg

Soon we start to see the climbers as well, having lunch. So we asked them if we can go further on that trail and where it will take us. Their answer was: „We have no clue where it takes you as we came down from the skies :)”. Cool guys, very helpful, so we took a pic of the wall and returned…

We go back on the same route that we arrived and reach DN1 / E60, where our adventure ends.


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  1. Luminita says:

    I haven’t seen the Tamina waterfall yet, but I will add it on my travel list for the summer. Thanks for the tip!


    1. teotuca says:

      Thanks for reading our posts and we are waiting for your impressions about Tamina waterfall. In the meantime, we are more than gladly to keep in touch!!


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