Taking ski adventure to a new level Bucharest-Munich-Schwendau-Innsbruck (3 min reading)

Here we are back from our adventure in the Austrian Alps where we travelled by plane, car and bus to get to enjoy the skiing areas of the Zillertal areal for 6 days.

We’ve begun our journey with our “way-too-early” flight from Bucharest arriving at Munich at 9.30 AM (2h flight but gained 1h back due to different time zone, yay 😀 ). We arrived at the car rental office after strolling through the airport to Terminal 2 as we landed in Terminal 1 (all car rental offices are in the same area so by just following the sign “Car rental” we found ours: Budget &Avis). Will not comment too much on the rental service (although I have so much to say 😡 …separate post coming up next), just made sure we’ll have a full insurance for the car and made an extra deposit including a fuel coverage. And off we go to the parking lot where while searching for the car, we realized how cold it was outside (-10 degrees brrrr 😮 ).

Driving from Munich to Zillertal valley was really fast (3h) and our GPS was really useful as there are some areas with unclear road signs. Shifting from one highway to another on high speed can be annoying if you’re not sure about the right direction, so thank you master GPS 🙂

Crossing the border from Germany to Austria was super-fast, comparing to the opposite way where we could see a “crawling” traffic jam, as German police was stopping cars randomly (we’ve noticed on our way back). All in one the driving was pretty boring, but as soon as the Alps started to “show-off” with their white beautiful peaks we’ve started to day dream about our ski adventure.

Arriving at the accommodation, Mr. Tipotsch greeted us nicely and invited us in his amazing warm & cozy house which kind of reminded us about the Coming home song 🙂. A thing to remember is that almost all houses in this area provide accommodation services, so it’s a bit of history shared with you on every step as some buildings contain real gems in terms of architecture, furniture and paintings, dating more than 200 years. After reminding ourselves for a few minutes how lucky we are to have such a beautiful view from our window room we hardly decide to leave and pick up our ski gear from the rental shop down the street.

At the ski rental we’ve met a Romanian guy who was working in this small village of Schwendau from Zillertal area. We’ve soon found out that he’s just started working there, he was from Bucovina and he’s learned German while working abroad in the past years.

Going back to leave the gear and we kind of start hearing growling tummies so we go for a nice walk in the dark at -10 looking for a restaurant. After we looked at couple of menus we decided to go in at Gasthof-Pension Mariandl, had a nice dinner and our first draught beers: “Prost!” (…meaning Cheers! 😆 ). We leave the restaurant happier than we came and run into the supermarkets MPreis  & Adeg where we cannot resist to add some “fresh” souvenirs to our cart: Mozart liqueur and something sweet :mrgreen:

Then quickly ran back “home” as we had to get up early to start fresh our first ski day 😛

Stay tuned for more info on the ski areas of Zillertal & Tyrol and our visit to Innsbruck!


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  1. Beautiful landscape and the Alps are something to behold. We would often visit while I lived in Germany and they hold a special place in this German heart.


    1. teotuca says:

      Yes, they are really awesome. Where have you traveled recently? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I live in the US so my travel is mostly here and been back to Germany in 2015. I hope to go back this year if all goes well.


      2. teotuca says:

        Hope to visit US soon!! There are so many beautiful places to visit. I will need your help when I will decide to go. ;))

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Anytime, just ask and hope you get to come visit soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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