Ski adventure in Tyrolean Alps, Austria – Mayrhofen resort (4 min reading)

Eager to start our ski adventure in the Austrian Alps, we woke up at 7:30 a.m. and we had breakfast prepared by Mr. Tipotsch in the Pension Landhaus Tipotsch – breakfast was diversified and tasty, consisting of fruits, white and seeds bread rolls, butter, homemade jam, baloney, salami, cheese, pate, boiled eggs and coffee ..hmmm 🙂

With a buzzing energy we then put on our ski suits, took our skies (we found our boots warmed – that’s a really nice feeling 🙂 ) from the ski room, and at 8:44 we took the H4 bus line from the station Shormis (situated in front of the pension..lucky us!) to the Horbergbahn gondola (there are 4 bus lines (H1-H4) that transport tourists from Schwendau/Hippach/Ramsau villages to the Horbergbahn gondola, free of charge if you have the Zillertal Superskipass – details regarding this card will be presented in a separate post coming up next).

Please see the picture below showing the routes of the 4 bus lines.


At 9:00 a.m. we started to lift with Horbergbahn gondola from 630 m to 1600 m (a 10 minutes lift), where an impressive view of the valley surrounded by mountains bathed in sunlight arised.

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So there we were in the heart of the Penken mountains (the main ski areal of Mayrhofen resort), simply amazed by the white landscape and the multitude of ski slopes.

In the photos below you can find a full map of Mayrhofen resort, full of modern lifts and 136 km of blue, red, and black slopes.


Eager to begin our ski adventure, we decided to explore that day only the Penken and Horberg mountains. Said and done! 4 hours of skiing combined with short photo breaks revealing all kinds of interesting moods, feelings, sensations.

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Like any high-class ski resort, Action Mountain Penken offers access to 33 mountain restaurants, huts and snow bars, which offer international cuisine and traditional Zillertal delicacies, being the perfect place to have a break before you tackle the next slope.

With so many offers to choose from, we decided to have a drink (Paulaner beer) at high altitude, at the Schneekarhütte restaurant (at over 2000 meters altitude) and relax on lounge chairs on the terrace restaurant. What a vieeeewwww!!!! 😎

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Then we skied down into the valley and had lunch at the Jausenstation Tappenalm restaurant, where we ate a Tyrolean specialty – grilled sausages with french fries 🙂

Kind of dizzy but not feom the non-alcoholic beer but from the beauty of the landscape and nice sunny weather, we “shift up” and on full speed we slide for another 2 hours.

That day we decided to avoid the black slopes (not being ready to try our luck & wanting to stay in 1 piece at least in day 1 ) and to enjoy the gentle and sinuos blue and red slopes.

Buuut if an adrenalin rush is what you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it on Action Mountain Penken! Whether you are a freerider, freestyler, or adrenalin junkie, there’s something for everyone. For instance, you can try to conquer Austria’s steepest slope adventure, the legendary Harakiri Run (with an incline of 78%), or shred the Vans Penken Park.

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At 5:00 p.m. we returned with the H4 bus line to our accommodation, Pension Landhaus Tipotsch. We were tired but happy that we had the opportunity to explore the vast and amazing Penken-Horberg ski area.

Arrived in the room, we rested a few minutes and decided to go and relax at the Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen Leisure Pool, situated downtown. We spent here 2 hours of relaxation (swimming, sauna, jacuzzi, water torrent, waterfall, neck & massage jets), remembering the great moments of the day. If you are planning a visit here you might want to keep in mind that the sauna has “local” rules & that means you must wear nothing but your beautiful skin… Oh, and it’s mixed 🙄

All relaxed but hungry, we’ve headed to Pizzeria Mamma Mia (one kilometer away from the Wellness Centre) – where we had a very good and personalized …pizzaaa and drank a cup of infused fruit tea.

Then quickly ran back “home” as we had to get up early to start fresh our second ski day.

Stay tuned for more info on the ski areas of Zillertal & Tyrol and our visit to Innsbruck! 😀


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