WhenToGo, when it is the best time to visit a certain place (2 min reading)

Will it snow in February in Prague, or the air will be breathable in Abu Dhabi at the end of August? What time should I climb the Mount Fuji (Japan) in order to take the best photos?

Common questions asked by every tourist who wants to make the most of its holiday. 🙂

For those tourists who want to travel being well documented, a smart guy created the website whentogo.org, a web page designed to explain in details when it is the proper time (in terms of weather, activities) to visit some of the most important world destinations in order to enjoy your stay. 😀

And as we just mentioned the Mount Fuji, here are the recommendations about this place: “tourists are advised to schedule their visits to this special mountain during the climbing season which is from July to August. These months are ideal because of the good weather, accommodation options and convenient transportation. It is possible to see Mount Fuji any time of the year, which actually changes with the seasons.”

Also, you can find information about various regions / countries, grouped by continents and local festivals and celebrations. 🙂


Stay in touch with our posts! Do not lose the next tips! 😉



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