Tips for flights: how to find the lowest ticket price to a destination (2 min reading)

Dear readers,

I’m sure that everyone of us wants to save as much money as we can on buying flight tickets to a vacation/business destination (unless the tickets are bought by the company you worked for 😀 ).

So I thought to show you a little trick (maybe some of you probably know it) 🙂

Enter on the website and choose the departure airport. For example, I chose Bucharest airport (OTP indicative). In destination section you write “everywhere”. On the departure and return month, you first tick “whole month”, then “cheapest month”. In this way, the system will search for the cheapest flights from Bucharest to other cities.

If you want to search in a specific month, tick that month both on departure and arrival. 😉

That’s how I found that the cheapest direct flight from Bucharest to Milan is 19 EUR (roundtrip), with Wizz Air – departure on 3 April, return on 4 April.

The results, as you can see below, are ranked by prices and by countries.



Stay in touch with our posts! Do not lose the next tips! 😉



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  1. simonjkyte says:

    And then clear the cookies
    Otherwise when you come back …. it will be just that bit more expensive


  2. H.Le says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this tip! 😍

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    1. teotuca says:

      I’m glad that you consider it useful! Stay in touch with us on blog and on facebook 😀

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    1. teotuca says:

      Thanks a lot for feedback. Stay in touch with us on blog and on facebook 😀


      1. maxymilano says:

        Ur welcome… anyway i’m Max nice to meet u…


      2. teotuca says:

        Hi Max. We are Teo & Alexandra. Nice to meet u too 😀

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