Do you know how will be the weather condition in your next holiday? I tell you! (2 min reading)

Dear readers,

All agree that among the most frequent questions asked by tourists is “How will be the weather conditions in my next holiday? Should I take warm clothes, should I  take my umbrella?” And it is perfectly justified by the human desire not to travel into a destination where it will be cold and rain. 🙂

There are many source of meteorological inspiration when it’s time to go in vacation. Perhaps the most commonly used are and And to better understand what should you do in order to find out whether it’s fine to go in a specific period in a particular place, I will give you an example. 🙂

Let’s take Stockholm, Sweden’s capital – it’s a city in northern Europe, with an unpredictable weather, especially in spring. 

Enter on, search for Stockholm city, then tick the option “month” to see how is the weather in a whole month. If you want to travel there, let’s say in March, you choose from the available calendar the month “March 2016”. You should choose the year before your trip date because you will see what temperatures were recorded in the same period last year, but also the normal highest and lowest temperatures for this period (those averages). However, as the weather represents a probable state of the atmosphere at a certain time, you should take these weather statistics only as a starting point in planning your holiday. 😀


On Weather Wunderground it’s about the same procedure. You choose Stockholm city, go to the “full forecast”, then “history”. Here you have statistical data from 1998 to present, so you can make an even better idea on the possible weather for a specific period.


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