How to organize your holidays & city-breaks during a year (5 min reading)

Dear readers,

Before starting my article, it is important to know that the “rules” that you will read below are only part of my own “management of trips” made during a year – not the best, not the worst, only a source of inspiration. 🙂

First of all, it is quite important to plan your trips in advance and “travel against the flow”. Traveling against the flow means, for example:

  • not going in July-August in Spain, Italy (e.g. Barcelona, Roma), when everyone is in holiday, but to go in September-October, when it is not so crowded.  
  • going in summer in Scandinavia (Finland, Norway, Sweden) because in the winter it is very cold and the nights are very long.

You should not travel by plane abroad on winter holidays, if you have a limited budget.

In January you should spend a week in a Mediterranean country, on the seaside – it is not crowded, the climate is mild (13-16 degrees Celsius at noon) and the accomodation prices are quite reasonable. It is the perfect period to visit destinations expensive in summer (e.g. Monte Carlo, Saint-Tropez, Barcelona, Andaluzia, southern Italy, most part of Greece, Turkish seaside, Malta).

In January and February you could also visit Asian countries and other exotic destinations. What’s the point to go, for example, to the Dominican in summer, when you also have in Europe a lot of beautiful beaches, at one-two hours flight distance.

Do not go skiing in the Alps (Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland) before 15 January – the resorts are crowded and prices really high. The best period to go to ski is second half of January – first half of February, until the children start their winter holiday.

If you are not a ski lover, you have a good alternative  for the similar period: go shopping in the most important fashion cities (e.g. Paris, Milano, London) – it is the time of great discounts (over 70%). 😀

From March it begins the city-breaks season. 🙂 Try to “attack” them from south to north. For example, in Milan it is cold at the beginning of March, but in Rome it is just fine.

By Easter, the tickets on low-cost flights are pretty cheap, because there is not a high demand (extraseason). Them around Easter, the prices get quite expensives. It is normal – people are coming come for the holidays. After a week / ten days from Easter (depending on the date on which Easter falls), prices are starting to reduce.

A “window” with low prices it in mid-June, because people are not traveling so much waiting for the summer vacation (July-August).

In summer, you should go in the coldest places of the world – Scandinavia, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Iceland, Baltics. If you do not go then, it is pointless to try going in November or December – it will be too cold and the days will be really small.

Do not think to go in summer in the southern hemisphere: when in Europe and US is summer, in Australia, Argentina and South Africa is winter.

If you want to go to the beach, you should try a first round at the end of May, start of June – especially in Greece you will find great offers. And again in September. In Antalya (Turkey) you can go even at the beginning of October. 🙂

Stay in touch with our posts! Do not lose the next tips! 😉





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  1. says:

    i am struggling to find a good price for Iceland this summer… i am still searching 🙂

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    1. teotuca says:

      You should look for tickets 2 months before your vacation period. Then it is high probability to find cheap tickets. 😀


  2. James Beamer says:

    Some great tips here, will be keeping hold of information like this from now on. Thanks

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  3. Joanne Lake says:

    I totally agree about traveling in the ‘shoulder’ seasons. Much cheaper and far less crowded than traveling during the busy season 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. idjourneys says:

    You should put an alert on flights sites! Very good article! Thanks for sharing!

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