Where and what can you eat in Oslo?

If you are planning to visit Oslo during your vacation trip you should first know that this is one of the most expensive cities in the world. With prices comparable to Dubai, food cost in this European city definitely will not be any different, so be ready to plan your costs thoroughly unless you want to spend more than expected.

While looking for Oslo restaurants online, you should pay attention to opening hours of the restaurants as some restaurants are opened only for lunch and others only for dinner.

First let’s start with the food. Where do we eat in Oslo?

Bread – you must know that Nordic countries are a bit crazy about their bread. You will find a variety of bread in the supermarket, restaurants and in any place where you can grab something to eat. For example at breakfast you can find white bread, brown, with seeds, with nuts, with carrots and basically anything else you could think of adding in a bread (o_O)


Pizza and pasta – if you are not a pizza lover, you will definitely change your mind while visiting the Nordic countries. Not only is a more inexpensive meal, but it is also delicious because…guess what, nordic people are crazy about baking and the taste of their pizza dough makes a difference. We tried couple of places while staying in Oslo, some based on Tripadvisor reviews and some simply because we passed by a place and gave it a try (same good taste even if not best reviewed).

o   Mamma Pizza – definitely no 1 on our list and as well on Tripadvisor because of the central location, amazing taste and traditional Italian feeling we’ve felt when we entered this small restaurant (thumbs up!). Price for a pizza varies between aprox 14 and 20 EUR and NOK and a beer is aprox 9 EUR. Oh look, here is the menu 😀

o   Pizza da Mimmo – nice location and fresh ingredients. Costs vary between aprox 18-20 EUR for a pizza and aprox 5 to 10 EUR for a dessert.

o   Restaurant Teatro – good traditional Italian food and good prices. Price for pizza varies between aprox 20-30 EUR and dessert between 5-10 EUR.

Traditional Norwegian meals – we’ve tried a few, not only because we are foodies but also because the taste of the Nordic food is really on our taste. Tip: when trying out local food ask before exactly how it is prepared because some of the meals have a variety of ways how you can cook them:

o   Reindeer stew – tried this at “Elias Mat & sant” restaurant and it comes with lingonberries and mashed potatoes. Need to mention that this place is really nice, but they have very limited seats available so you’ll need to do a reservation if you are travelling as a group (+4). The price of the stew was aprox 27 EUR and for trollkrem (or “trolls cream” is a sweet lingonberry mousse) and it costs aprox 10 EUR.



o   Moose hamburger – best hamburger we’ve ever tasted. The taste of moose is similar with beef, and you really need to try this if you are a foodie. Also can be served at “Elias Mat & sant” but the best we’ve had at Trollstigen restaurant near the viewpoint.


o   Moose stew – try it at Cafe Cathedral where they serve a variety of reindeer and moose dishes, price is aprox 35 EUR.

o   Kjøttkaker (large, Norwegian meatballs) or fårikal (lamb and cabbage stew) – try them at Restaurant Schrøder, both around 30 EUR

“I-scream, you scream” 😁 (ICEcreaaam). We have tried it at gelateria Paradis and it was a real delight for a hot summer evening. 1 scoop price is aprox 4 EUR.


Fine cuisine: if you want to try out Michelin star restaurants. Some of the city’s greatest Norwegian cuisine comes from the kitchens at Maaemo(three Michelin stars) and Kontrast restaurants in Oslo. Doesn’t matter the price, eeeh? 😁

Also an important thing is that during summer period if the temperatures are really high most restaurants serve free tap cold water.

Now tell us if you have visited Oslo before and which is your favorite dish? Or else, what would you try first when visiting Oslo?


P.S. Here are some more food & drinks pics from our Norway trip! Yumm 😀


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