11 reasons Norway is the greatest place on Earth

Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people 😀

Norway’s not cheap. But it’s worth it. Here are 11 reasons why.

1. It’s actually one of the happiest places on Earth.


In the United Nation’s 2018 World Happiness Report, Norway took the second place spot. The report surveyed 156 countries and looked at a number of factors, including life expectancy and health, freedom and social support.

2. There’s a law called “allemannsrett” in Norway.


Allemannsrett literally translates to “all men’s rights”. In Norway, you can walk nearly anywhere you want. Outdoor recreation has become a major part of national identity, and is established by law. You are free to enjoy the great outdoors and breathe in as much of the fresh air as you want – as long as you pick up your rubbish and show respect for nature.

3. Norway has more than 1,000 fjords.


“Fjord” is a Norwegian word that has gone international. It’s an ancient Viking term related to the phrase for ‘where you travel across’ (der man ferder over) and the word ‘ferry’ (ferje). The fjords were created by massive glaciation that went below sea level. Over a period of 2,5 million years, the U-shaped valleys were carved out of the ground during a succession of glacial cycles. In other words, the fjords were shaped by the glaciers.

4. Norway has more lakes than Finland aka “The Land of 1,000 Lakes.”


While Finland has almost 188,000 lakes , Norway is the actual “queen of the lakes”. There are at least 450,000 lakes in Norway and most were formed by glacial erosion.1F62F.png

5. Norway boasts the world’s longest tunnel.

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The Lærdal Tunnel is a 24.51 kilometre-long long road tunnel connecting Lærdal and Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is the longest road tunnel in the world exceeding the length of Swiss Gotthard Road Tunnel. If you ever get to Lærdal, we suggest to stop for a minute in one of the parking spots and listen to the sound of the cars passing by or just take some photos, as it’s really impressive.

6. The amazing view from the top of Mount Fløyen in Bergen.


Fløibanen is a must for every tourist and visitor to Bergen. Fløibanen is one of Norway’s best-known attractions and the only funicular railway in Norway.

7. Ferrying through Geirangerfjord is breathtaking.


Get a ferry cruise through Geirangerfjord and you will be amazed by impressive waterfalls cast cascades of thundering water from almost vertical mountain sides. The famous falls De syv søstrene (“the Seven Sisters”), Friaren (“the Suitor”) and Brudesløret (“the Bridal Veil”) tease the cliffs with feather‐light sheer veils of mist whose mission is to create a never‐ending display of changing rainbows to fill you with delight and wonder.

8. Feel the adrenaline rush on Trolls Road.

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As one of the most famous National Tourist Routes, Trollstigen (“The Trolls Road”) is a visual feast. The route is known for its 11 hair-raising hairpin turns and steep, 9% gradient. If you see it from the right height and angle, you can feel the view hit you in your stomach. On this road, even the bravest can feel the adrenaline pump through their veins.

9. Enjoy the magnificent views from Atlantic Road.

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Atlanterhavsvegen (“Atlantic Road”) is a unique stretch of road which takes you right out to the ocean’s edge. In 2005, the road was voted Norway’s «Engineering Feat of the Century», and is also known to be one of the world’s most beautiful drive as this road trip is truly exhilirating.

10. Experience the amazing Flåmsbana railway trip.

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On the 20 kilometre-long journey, you will experience some of the wildest, most dramatic and most magnificent scenery in Norway. At the high mountain station of Myrdal, 866 metres above sea level, the Flåm Railway meets the Bergen Line for onward connections to Oslo and Bergen.
The trip with Flåm Railway takes you right past the Kjosfossen waterfall, which is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway. It’s an impressive sight and the sound of the water feels like a thunderstorm.

11. Feel the vibe of Vøringsfossen Waterfall.


The Vøringsfossen Waterfall has a free fall of 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.

There’s more water than you could ever explore by boat. There’s more land than you could explore by foot. How could you ever be bored? 🙂




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    1. teotuca says:

      Thank you! 😀

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  1. Sania says:

    OMG!!!! the pictures look so beautiful, i am sure you had a great time there. This is really inspiring!

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    1. Teodor Tuca says:

      Thanks. It was an amazing trip. 😁


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