Breaking news: TAP Portugal returns in Romania, starting from 1 July 2017 (3 min reading)

Dear readers,

I bring great news for all travelers from Romania who want to spend their summer holiday in Portugal, the westernmost country of mainland Europe. ❤

TAP Portugal (Transportes Aéreos Portugueses) is back on track on the Romanian market, after a break of more than 1 year (28 March 2016 was the last flight day of the Company in Romania).

You can already book your reservations for flights to Portugal starting 01 July 2017. 😀

For example, a roundtrip from Bucharest to Lisbon, period 19 July – 27 July, will cost 173,70 EUR (only with hand luggage, meals and beverages).


If you want a checked baggage, it will cost you extra 15 EUR / way (basic tariff). So a roundtrip including this option will cost you 203,70 EUR.

There will be a total of 6 flights / week:

  • TP1325 Bucharest – Lisbon // 07:00 – 09:35 // Mon. Wed. Thu. Sat. Sun. 
  • TP1323 Bucharest – Lisbon // 17:30 – 20:05 // Fri.
  • TP1324 Lisbon – Bucharest // 00:15 – 06:15 // Mon. Wed. Thu. Sat. Sun.
  • TP1322 Lisbon – Bucharest // 10:45 – 16:45 // Fri.

The flights  will be performed by Airbus 319 & Airbus 320 aircrafts. The normal flight duration for Bucharest – Lisbon will be 4 hours and 35 minutes. The return is scheduled to last 4 hours.

Stay in touch with our posts! Do not lose the next tips! 😉




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